I am……..

                                    Theresa M. Adams,


I’m so glad that  you took a moment out of your busy day to stop by, now that you’re here please feel free to read my devotional and inspirational stories, motivational quotes and Bible verses.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me introduce myself…….I was born Theresa M. Adams in Crystal Springs, Mississippi but raised in Gallman, Mississippi and went to school in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Yes, I graduated from Hazlehurst High School, Class of 1984, ran track and tried my hand at basketball.

I attended Utica Jr. College, Utica, Mississippi, for a short time until I decided that I wasn’t ready for college and wanted some adventure in my life so I did the next best thing, I joined the army reserve in 1985 only to find out I wanted more than just a weekend out the month, I wanted more. In November 1988, I committed myself to the United States Army and what an adventure that was, if I had it to do all over again, I certainly would. I’m a Desert  Storm Veteran and a retired Jackson Police Officer for the City of Jackson, Mississippi.

I’m the proud mother of six, yes six beautiful souls (five boys and one girl), three amazing grand children, (one grand son and two grand-daughters). I am a daughter/sister/aunt/friend and most important I am a child of God!

I enjoy reading good books, I’m an amateur photographer(in the making), I enjoy listening to great music and I enjoy writing!!!

I hope that each of you will be inspired by my  prayers, inspirational, motivational and devotional writings.

I am also the founder of Soul Revived Ministries, INC. Our  mission is to reach people worldwide by sharing the Word of God and the love of Jesus Christ through prayers, devotional, inspirational, and motivational writings.

I will follow wherever God leads me and will do what he has called me to do. God is doing a new thing in me and it shall be completed!


Your feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


Theresa M. Adams

Blessed Beyond Measure!